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Autoresponder Software

Omnistar Email Marketing Software includes a fully customizable autoresponder software system that allows unlimited automated response e-mails to be sent out to your subscribers at any time in the future. Although our Omnistar Email Marketing Software has many great features, this is perhaps its most attractive since it completely and fully automates your entire e-mail marketing system.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an e-mail program that is used to automatically schedule future emails to be sent to any number of email addresses. Omnistar Email Marketing Software comes complete with full autoresponder capabilities, so that you can easily setup emails to go out to your subscribers at any date in the future.

Why should I use an autoresponder?

Autoresponders are perhaps the best thing to happen in marketing since the advent of e-mail itself. Autoresponders allow you to create customized email marketing campaigns just one time, and then from that point on, you never again have to even think about your email marketing! Once properly set up, all our autoresponder requires in the way of maintenance is for you to give it more leads to send e-mails out to! No more wasting time on coming up with good marketing campaigns every time you want to send out a mailing—with our autoresponder, those mailings will go out as often as you want, and exactly when you want—and with the exact content that you want, too!

What are some ways I can use an autoresponder to help me?

The limit to what the Omnistar Email Marketing Software’s automatic responder software can accomplish is really just the limit of your imagination! Just look at all these great ideas:

Automatically send follow-up emails to customers who just purchased from
  your website.
Create an email course for your subscribers. Have each Tuesday be the next   lesson, or even send out daily tips instead.
Use target lists to send different e-mails to different subscribers, based on   their details. For example, send out Los Angeles real estate marketing to those   who live in LA, and NYC real estate marketing to those who live in NYC.

How does the autoresponder work with target lists?

Target lists are another great feature of the Omnistar Email Marketing Software. But when combined with our fully customizable autoresponder software, the results are nothing short of amazing.

Target lists can be used to separate email subscribers into categories—one group might be your core group that you market to, while another group might be people who just signed up to your mailing list from your website. You can even mix-and-match groupings—each of your subscribers can be further determined by their birthdate, or by how often they purchase from you.

Once separated into these categories, you can then send e-mails to just one subset of your mailing list. Send birthday cards at the right time each year, or announcements to subscribers that live in a certain area. But as remarkable as target lists sound, just think of how much you can accomplish when you combine them with our autoresponder!

Now you can set up those birthday cards to go out automatically, without you ever having to think about it. And the yearly regional sales of your company can effectively inform locals of the great buys without bothering other subscribers in another part of the country—and without bothering you, either, since it’s all fully automated! The possibilities are truly endless.

The Omnistar Email Marketing Software Autoresponder

Omnistar Email Marketing Software’s built-in automatic responder software is nothing short of miraculous for any email marketing campaign. By allowing you to easily create and schedule emails to be sent automatically to just those subscribers you wish with our powerful filtering technology, you will very quickly come to appreciate just how useful email marketing can really be. Even if your current e-mail marketing campaign is bringing in good results, just imagine how easily scalable those results can become once you’re freed from the tedium of having to manually write and send each individual e-mail!

Still not convinced?

Our Omnistar Email Marketing Software comes with a full 100% money back guarantee, and includes guaranteed same day support and setup, even on weekends. So really, there is no excuse not to at least try out the Omnistar Email Marketing Software so that you can see for yourself how much more efficient your email marketing can be. But in case you need a few more ideas for how you can use our Autoresponder feature, check out these great ideas that some of our customers do:

Send employees a monthly newsletter or digest—the employee football game
  in November, an invitation to the Holiday Party in December, and a W-2 notice
  in January.
Create a bi-weekly online magazine or a twice daily news alert.
Deliver timed press releases to your customer base.
Send a confirmation email to a customer, send an online receipt minutes later   and a thank you message after that.
Send your customers a promotional email every Wednesday and a sales
  circular on Sunday
Send your students homework email reminders each day at 5:00 p.m

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