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Email List Segmentation

The Omnistar Email Marketing Software's rich functionality includes the ability to set up a fully customizable Target List. The target list allows you to classify each e-mail recipient on your list into subsets, effectively segmenting your users into different groups. Usually, this sort of technology requires the handling of a large database that only expensive technology can maintain. But with the Omnistar Email Marketing Software, you get the ability to create target lists quickly and easily! And with this technology, a lot of innovative ideas can suddenly and easily come into fruition.

A Quick Example of an Effective Target List

Let's say you collect e-mail addresses to send out marketing campaign e-mails. This is great; but if all you do is send out the same e-mail to everyone, then you won't be able to fully personalize each e-mail you send out. Marketing techniques, after all, are far more effective if you direct them toward a specific audience.

So in the Omnistar Email Marketing Software, all you have to do is put each type of customer in different groups; put the prospective customers that clicked on your website on one target list, and the valuable customers that come back year after year in another. Now you can write campaigns that get sent to each group without sending them to the other!

Some Further Target List Ideas

Classifying each contact by repeat customer and prospective targets is a great idea, but with target lists, you can really accomplish so much more. Check out these great ideas:

Separate By Why to Try
Birth Date If you separate by birthdate, then at the beginning of each month, you can send out birthday cards to everyone who's having a birthday that month. Send out coupons, or free gifts to get your birthday customers to become repeat customers.
Interest Group This is where the target list functionality really shines. By separating out your contacts by interest, you can send interest-specific e-mails to them at the click of a button! Just keep track of which customers buy which products, and classify your groups accordingly.
Date Subscribed Did you have a particularly good campaign sent out last month? It's too bad the new subscribers didn't get it... But wait, by using the target list, you can send just to your recent subscribers! So feel free to resend that campaign that worked so well.
Location If you have a special in a certain area, you might try sending an e-mail out only to people in that area. After all, isn't it annoying to constantly be reminded of great events that you can't attend because it's too far away?
Links Clicked Omnistar Email Marketing Software can easily track which subscriber clicks on specific links within HTML newsletters. The software has the ability to easily download subscribers that clicked on certain links. Therefore, you can limit your campaign to subscribers who are interested in a particular product or service
Opened Email Omnistar Email Marketing Software can easily track which subscribers opened a specific campaign, therefore, you can send to users who are really interested in your products and services.


A Final Note

If you already have an extensive e-mail list, you might be wondering how you can best take advantage of the target list, since you may not know what your customers' birthdays are, or what their zip code is. But what's also great about the Omnistar Email Marketing Software is that you can use it to send out e-mails that get your contacts to enter in this data themselves. Just hold a contest, or request feedback from your customers, and make sure to include fields to allow your customers to give you more detailed information about them. That way, you're not only increasing the worth of your newsletters by getting readers excited enough about them to respond regularly, but you're also increasing the value of your contacts, since you can more effectively market with the more information you have about them. After all, that's why we created the target list on the Omnistar Email Marketing Software in the first place!

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