E-Mail Marketing for Churches and Religious Organizations

Why does your church need the Omnistar Email Marketing Software?

  • - Remind your congregation about events and local information

  • - Get additional support for fund drives on special projects

  • - Co-ordinate efforts professionally

  • - Send out newsletters for youth missions, bible study, choir, and much more

  • Organize quickly and easily...

    The Omnistar Email Marketing Software includes many features to allow you to get set up without any fuss. Our ready-to-go templates mean you can start sending newsletters in the first five minutes of use. And the point-and-click interface lets you customize the look of your letters with no html experience required.

    ... and Stay Organized

    With the Omnistar Email Marketing Software, once you've set up a campaign, you really don't have anything else to do, so it's virtually impossible to mess up. With our revolutionary Autoresponder functionality, you can set up a marketing campaign and forget about it. Your e-mails will go out on schedule, even if you never open the program again.

    Get people's attention.

    No more sending text e-mails with a little image attached. Our full html functionality lets you send beautifully crafted e-mails that are professionally designed. Use our free templates to get started quickly, or our e-mail editor which lets you build your newsletter with no html experience required.

    Talk directly to your congregation.

    With our merge functionality, every e-mail you send out can be directed specifically to the receiver's name. But it gets even better: instead of just simply sending out mass newsletters directed at no one in particular, you can use the Omnistar Email Marketing Software to send e-mails only to a subgroup of your list; thank donors, ask past volunteers if they're willing to help out on a new project, or even just let the choir know that practice is cancelled for this week.

    Save money.

    At Omnistar, we care about helping out good causes. That's why we offer a 15% discount to any 501(c)(3) organizations. Plus, we offer a 30 day free trial--simply try us out for thirty days, and if you don't like it, we won't charge you a thing! That's because we know that once you try us, you simply won't be able to live without it.