E-Mail Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Solving the daily challenges you face as a nonprofit always begins with your communication efforts at each level of your organization. For business survival, you know that your grant proposals, volunteer updates, and donor messages must be created with efficient collaboration. You hope that professional dialogue between your company and alumni, current members and customers will lead to more funding for your business.

With integrative communication tools, you can keep up with your internal and external networks via virtual technology. Even when you need to obtain vital information about 501c3-compliance laws or opportunities for new grants, you can do so with online communication. Yet, managing communication from your side begins with informative emails that delegate innovative and strategic plans, which strengthens the charitable efforts of your internal team.

Online communication can also be used to facilitate the first plans for a new wave of fundraising efforts. Therefore, your board of directors and officers can easily benefit from email marketing software such as the Omnistar Mailer.

Nonprofit Email Branding

New patrons, donors and members of your organization will always recognize your organization when you advertise using the same logo and company slogan. You can easily get their attention with newspaper ads and Internet ads that deliver messages about your charitable events. You can easily jar their attention for giving with the smallest messages that includes your professional signage. However, you can also brand your charity or foundation within your emails.

Although email marketing is not new, it is one of the most vital ways to create branding for your philanthropic efforts. Because branding is essential, you can use the Omnistar Mailer to add your logo and tagline to all outgoing emails. Even if you just need to send out charity updates to your board members or officers, you can still proudly display your branding date by incorporating it with our script. Do you need to send out pressing updates to your most loyal donors? These types of messages do not need to be bland. You can still send out this vital information with your logo and tagline at the top of each e-mail.

Efficient Professionalism

Your charity cannot survive without a professionally appealing status. Therefore, all of your documents, updates, and marketing must be done in a meticulous fashion. In fact, professionalism is more of a factor for charities and foundations that ever before. Because potential donors and customers want to do business with a reliable and trustworthy company, your marketing efforts must be flawless. Imagine how a customer might respond if they receive an e mail that has missing or jumbled data. Without a doubt, they will assume that your company cannot handle their funds correctly. As a result, you will lose potential funding that you might have otherwise had with a more professional mailing system.

All-in-One Virtual Communication for Charities

The Omnistar Mailer can help you pull together a professional and efficient branding program for your virtual communication needs. Every virtual tool you need to keep up with your donors is available to you with the Omnistar email marketing software system. The system provides your foundation or charity with major features such as designing control, administrative tools and tracking-reporting technology. However, the Omnistar Mailer also gives your philanthropic business many additional features that other systems neglect to provide. Send out powerful messages using all of these features and more:

  • - Get your charity or foundation message past Spam blocks.
  • - Utilize Advanced Target Search Technology to find out how to form your messages with important keywords.
  • - Not sure which charitable message is better? Find out what type donor or member message gets more responses by performing split tests.
  • - Read message statistics to know which donors responded, and analyze e mail opens and click activity levels.
  • - Design your charitable message by choosing one of several professional drafted templates.
  • - Donít take costly guesses with your foundations messages. Be assured that your alumni, donors and members will get professional messages every time by previewing them before mailing.
  • - Send a personalized message to loyal donors and members with their professionally displayed name.

  • Omnistar Mailer is the Smart Choice for Foundations

    As a foundation or charity you want to have all the tools necessary to make sending and creating messages a cinch. Moreover, you donít want to expend extra-chartable dollars on frivolous costs that other email scripts require, especially when they donít deliver like our mailer. We are confident that our product is the smart and exceptional choice for affordable online mailings. You wonít have to purchase additional systems to make your communication efforts complete. The Omnistar Mailer is fully inclusive and comes with a 24/7 support system that backs your nonprofit with professional service.