E-Mail Marketing for Web Designers

If you run a web design company, then you know how important it is to make your e-mails look impressive. You need complete control over your marketing e-mails, but you also need a quick and simple way to send them out. That's why the Omnistar Email Marketing Software is the perfect choice for any creative agency. Because it just works.

Design it correctly, the first time.

The Omnistar Email Marketing Software lets you design your own html e-mails from scratch, or you can use one of our templates to get you started. And with our free ebook, you'll learn all the quirks about e-mail marketing that will help your designs to succeed. For example, did you know that html e-mails have to have styles defined in the body tag? What about that div tags are ignored in e-mails? And that most e-mail clients refuse to display embedded tables properly? Our free ebook, The Beginners' Guide to E-Mail Marketing, will let you know all of these quirks and much more!

Personalize your emails.

Market research clearly shows that if you personalize your campaigns, you'll get a better response rate. With the Omnistar Email Marketing Software, personalization is easy: merge letters by name, send out targeted campaigns that only hit subscribers that meet certain criteria, or even include information specific to them on each letter!

Integrate seamlessly with your site.

Our templates let you get started instantly, or you can fully design the e-mails on your own. But either way, we NEVER put our logo on your e-mails. Heck, we even let you put your logo on the backend, so even your employees will think of the Omnistar Email Marketing Software as a seamless extension of your site!

Resell functionality to your customers' sites.

Nothing says professionalism than if you can predict your customers' needs before they're even aware of them, and then give them what they didn't even realize they wanted. In many cases, the clients your company designs websites for will need an e-mail marketing system just like the Omnistar Email Marketing Software. But rather than just refer them to us, we let you rebrand our service with your logo, so you can literally resell the product for them branded as though it came directly from you. Just think of the extra business you can drum up if you add in the ability not just for your client to have a well-designed website, but a program that lets them continuously send html e-mails that match their site's look and feel as well.