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Advanced Target Search Technology (ATST)

The Omnistar Email Marketing Software integrates Advanced Target Search Technology to simplify target list creation. ATST is a powerful search engine technology that allows you to segment your email subscribers into subcategories that makes personalized targeted marketing easy. It sounds complicated, but once you learn how ATST can revolutionize your marketing strategies, you’ll never know how to survive without it.

The basic idea is this: You add customized fields (such as age, location, or gender) and then collect that info through surveys for old subscribers or on the signup page for new subscribers. Now that you have these additional fields populated, you can use ATST to search for certain criteria, like 18-21 year old males in Chicago. Then by saving the resulting target list, you can then set up an automated customized campaign specifically directed toward them. In other words, ATST lets you personalize your marketing messages to an unprecedented degree, and then our autoresponder takes over to send the customized campaign automatically, with no extra work on your end.

Why should I use ATST?

Our advanced target search technology allows you to create advanced search parameters for your segmented target lists, but don’t think that just means you can customize only by locations. The limits of ATST are really just the limits of your imagination. You can set up an unlimited number of fields to categorize users, using any parameters relevant to your business. Here are a few examples of how our current customers are using ATST:

Separate By Why to Try
Birth Date If you separate by birthdate, then at the beginning of each month, you can send out birthday cards to everyone who's having a birthday that month. Send out coupons or free gifts to get your birthday customers to become repeat customers.
Interest Group This is where the target list functionality really shines. By separating out your contacts by interest, you can send interest-specific e-mails to them at the click of a button! Just keep track of which customers buy which products, and classify your groups accordingly.
Date Subscribed Did you have a particularly good campaign sent out last month? It's too bad the new subscribers didn't get it... But wait, by using the target list, you can send just to your recent subscribers! So feel free to resend that campaign that worked so well.
Location If you have a special in a certain area, you might try sending an e-mail out only to people in that area. After all, isn't it annoying to constantly be reminded of great events that you can't attend because it's too far away?
First Letter of Last Name Sometimes you want to send different campaigns to different groups in order to test the effectiveness of your sales copy. By sending one campaign to users with a last name starting with A-M, and sending another to users with a last name starting with N-Z, you can directly test which of your marketing emails has the best response rate.
Email Address Domain Not all email programs are equal. By sending a different version of your marketing email to AOL subscribers than to Y! subscribers than to Gmail subscribers, you can minimize the pain of having your text show up differently on each users’ computer. For example, how often have you seen newsletters that say in fine print, ‘AOL Users click here’? Eliminate that irritation by sending domain specific newsletters to each subset of subscribers. (For more great email marketing tricks, see our Email Marketing for Beginners guide.)
Mix & Match Don’t just choose one of the above; use them all simultaneously! ATST lets you set up target lists that match multiple points of data, so you can send a marketing campaign directed specifically at NYC users that like cats who have an address and joined your mailing list over two years ago!

Great! But how easy is it to set up?

Here’s a rundown on how to use each field type to use ATST to search for the target list you want to market to:

Field Type What It’s Used For
Text Field If you have a customized text field you are able to search this field by:
• Enter the exact name you are searching
• Enter a partial description of the name you are searching
• To bring up multiple items you can enter =$name =$name2
Drop-Down When searching drop-down fields, you will have the option of selecting one item or multiple items by clicking and holding the ctrl key (opt key for mac users). When the drop-down is shown, it will appear as a regular drop-down and only allow the user to select one item.
Multi-Select Field When searching multi-select fields you will have the option of using the ctrl key (opt key for mac users) to select multiple items.
Text Fields – Numerical If you add a numerical text field you will the following options when searching..examples:
>20 displays everything greater then 20
<20 display everything less then 20
=30 display everything equal to 30
200-2000 displays everything between 200 and 2000
=40 =50 =20 displays anything that is 40, 50 or 20
Radio Buttons When searching radio buttons, you will have the option of selecting one item or multiple items. Use the ctrl key (opt key for mac users) to display multiple items.
Checkboxes When using Checkboxes you will have the option of selecting one item or multiple items. Use the ctrl key (opt key for mac users) to display multiple items.
State If you add a state field when conducting searches you will have the options of selecting one state or multiple states. Use the ctrl key (opt key for mac users) to display multiple items.
Country If you add country field when conducting searches you will have the option of select one country or multiple countries. Use the ctrl key (opt key for mac users) to display multiple items.
Date If you have a data field you are able to select a date range.

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