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Email Campaign Statistics

Omnistar Email Marketing Software is built to be a one stop shop for your email marketing needs. Not only does the Email Marketing Software provide you all the tools you need to produce attractive, effective marketing campaigns, all without requiring any technical know-how, we also incorporated important tools for monitoring the success of your email campaigns. Good statistics don't just tell you how your campaign went over, they also tell you what you can do to improve and see a better response from your campaigns in the future. With Email Marketing Software, you get everything in one package, the tools to build email lists, the ability to build attractive HTML email campaigns, and the statistics to improve your marketing effort each time a mailing goes out.

What statistics does the Email Marketing Software track?

  • Date and time of email campaigns
  • The number of people who you sent the email to
  • The number of recipients who's email address received the email
  • The number of rejected emails
  • Receipt percentage
  • Number of times the forward link was clicked
  • Number of unique recipients that opened the HTML version of the email
  • Open percentage
  • Number of total openings
  • Statistics on the number of times each link in the email was clicked
  • Top 50 readers and the number of times an email is opened by each
  • The ability to download a list of those who opened the email
  • The ability to download a list of those who did not open the email

Why are these statistics important?

The statistics Omnistar Email Marketing Software tracks tell you a lot about your email list. You are able to determine how many emails on your list are actually receiving your emails, and because of built in HTML tracking, you can determine how many people are opening your emails. The system also tracks which of your links are being opened, giving you insight into how the placement of links and ads in your email is working. This information is essential to perfecting the quality of your marketing copy.

How could I use this information?

Using the statistics in Omnistar Email Marketing Software is easy. For example, you can attempt to determine the optimum day to send marketing email, as well as time of day, by experimenting with when you send your weekly or monthly email. Because the system tracks the date and time, you can compare the success of each of these emails. You can also see how changing the title of your email affects open percentage, helping you find what marketing methods work best with your list. You can also use link click-thru numbers to help you determine how link placement should be implemented on later email campaigns. The important thing is that the Email Marketing Software gives you the flexibility and the data you need to make these decisions yourself.

Still not convinced?

Our Omnistar Email Marketing Software comes with a full 100% money back guarantee, and includes guaranteed same day support and setup, even on weekends. So really, there is no excuse not to at least try out the Omnistar Email Marketing Software so that you can see for yourself how much more efficient your email marketing can be. But in case you need a few more ideas for how you can use our Autoresponder feature, check out these great ideas that some of our customers do:

Send employees a monthly newsletter or digest—the employee football game
  in November, an invitation to the Holiday Party in December, and a W-2 notice
  in January.
Create a bi-weekly online magazine or a twice daily news alert.
Deliver timed press releases to your customer base.
Send a confirmation email to a customer, send an online receipt minutes later   and a thank you message after that.
Send your customers a promotional email every Wednesday and a sales
  circular on Sunday
Send your students homework email reminders each day at 5:00 p.m


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