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Save Money With Our Mailing List Manager

One of the best parts of using a mailing list manager to handle your email marketing is that you won't ever have to pay costs on a per-campaign or per-email basis. By controlling all of this yourself, you will never need to consider whether running a campaign is going to be worth what it costs. You will have the freedom and flexibility to use our software for any and all of your mailing list needs.

For many companies, an asp is enough, mostly because they email a small number of individuals or they operate only a few campaigns a year. With time, however, companies using mailing list marketing will find the most efficient way to spend their marketing dollars is on managing marketing in-house.

One of the best parts about our Php bulk email software is that it is easy to manage, so your marketing personnel will be able to handle writing copy as well as managing emails. Our software is easy enough to use that anyone who can handle a web browser can handle Omnistar Email Marketing Software.

All your company needs to do is calculate the annual cost of using ASPs for email, and then compare that to the cost of our Omnistar Email Marketing Software. Most companies will find just one year's savings enough to compel them to change to handling email in-house. This is due to the fact that Omnistar Email Marketing Software can easily handle mailing lists of any size from your own server. Even if you aren't spending that much on your mailing campaigns, you may be dedicating more resources to your ASP than you realize.

The Costs of ASPs

Using ASPs for marketing comes with its own hidden costs, often much higher than the up front rates. With an email ASP you will often have to pay large amounts for database import ad export overhead. When using an email ASP you are providing them with your email list. This means your database personnel have to package the data and export it to the proper format.

Once the campaign is finished, you then have to import all the statistical data on click-thru, unsubscribe flags, and bounce counts. All of this takes up the time and resources of your database department, which can add up to a large overhead. When you have an ASP market for you, you foot the bill.

With Omnistar Email Marketing Software, since the data stays within our Php bulk email software, you won't have to waste the time of technical personnel maintaining up to date data. Instead, your mailing list campaign can be maintained by non-technical staff. As well, our software allows you to analyze statistics in convenient graphical outputs, as well as from files in your database records.

Another Hidden Cost of ASPs

Another cost of using an ASP is the overhead of your advertising department having to communicate with your ASP about how you want your marketing handled.

Simply adding the extra time and effort required to outsource your marketing ups the cost. It makes the project take longer and requires more of your department's time to resolve. This is a consequence of having to direct another company to manage your data. This lost time could easily be applied somewhere else in your business.

If, on the other hand, you could conduct your own email marketing, you would find yourself managing a much more efficient system. Rather than having to wait to hear back from a business who may run on different hours and have staff working on multiple email campaigns, a small number of personnel can manage the exact same process from your own servers. Omnistar Email Marketing Software is able to streamline your workflow by putting the power in your hands.

Beyond costs

Omnistar Email Marketing Software has many benefits beyond the simple savings. Using our Php bulk email software can help improve your relationship with your customers and put your products in the mailbox of every user who adds themselves to your mailing list. If you take a look at what our product has to offer, we're certain you won't be disappointed about what it can do for you.

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I checked out dozens of other mailing programs, and Omnistar was by far the best buy for the money. It s really easy to integrate into existing sites!

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