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Automate Your Mailing List Needs

Omnistar Email Marketing Software was built to automate as many of its functions as possible, allowing you to spend more time working on customer interaction and less time dealing with technical issues. Our Php Email marketing tools software allows you easily setup automatic bounced email handling, unsubscribing, and tracking click-thru rates. Allowing the software to handle this for you saves you a great deal of time without having to hand marketing and your list over to a company that manages everything. With Omnistar Email Marketing Software, you get the best of both worlds, complete control of your information and a one time cost, as well as complete automation of the most time intensive tasks.

Handle Bounced Emails

Bounced emails come when an email address doesn't exist, or the server it is on is temporarily down. Our Php Email marketing tool allows you to easily customize the bounced email settings, choosing how to respond when an email sent to an address bounces. There are 2 types of bounces, hard and soft. Hard bounces come when an email address is completely non-existent, soft come when there is a temporary issue, such as a full mailbox or a server side problem. Email Marketing Software knows the difference and allows you to handle both issues differently. When a bounce is returned you can have the software re-categorize it, for example into a category named "Bounced." Or you can delete the name from your email database. However you want the issue handled, its up to you.

Simplified Unsubscribe

Including an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your mass emails isn't just a courtesy to your customers, its legally required for email marketing. To avoid being considered spam, Email Marketing Software can automatically generate unsubscribe links for your customers to follow. A simple link will be included at the bottom of each email, letting the customer know they can unsubscribe with a simple click. You can even have the web page direct the customer to a "We're sorry you decided to unsubscribe" page, allowing you one last chance to communicate before the customer commits to leaving your list. This process is handled entirely within Email Marketing Software and doesn't require you to do anything, meaning you wont be sending emails to customers who don't want to see them.

Click-thru data at a moments notice

Click-thru refers to a customer clicking a link within an email, and Omnistar Email Marketing Software allows you to track the effectiveness of these links. By automatically tracking click-thru behavior, the Php Email marketing tools is collecting important information that relates to your marketing and advertising. You can use this data to determine which techniques are effective and which net little response. Imagine for a moment you are an open source software developer sending emails to his installed user-base. If you want to drive traffic to a collaborator you can try different methods of linking and track the level of response you get from recipients. You can also see how many people are checking out new versions of your software by linking them within your emails. This is easily one of the most powerful functions Omnistar Email Marketing Software has to offer.

What Do Users Say

I checked out dozens of other mailing programs, and Omnistar was by far the best buy for the money. It s really easy to integrate into existing sites!

Tim Sigler

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