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Build Productive Relationships With Your Customers

Email lists are a common part of almost all online companies marketing strategies. While most companies focus on adding more names, where to get them, and how to do it with as little expenditure as possible, they often overlook how to effectively communicate through email lists. But an email list can be the most productive tool you have for communicating with customers and building good customer relations. Email lists are just data, you need software that can provide you with tools to use them.

Emailing customers doesn't cost you anything, and using our Php mailing list software means you can stay in constant contact without pay-per-email costs of other software. Our included autoresponder provides you with a convenient way to interact with your customers. Autoresponders allow you to schedule email to be sent to your customers at any time in the future, allowing you to automate your email marketing. List segmentation allows you to do extremely specific email targeting, limited only by what information you collect from your mailing list members. This gives you a huge advantage, allowing you to market specific products and services to the most likely customers. Email Marketing Software also includes Advanced Target Search Technology (ATST) that makes the process of segmenting lists easy and allows you to setup permanent list subcategories.

An example of how you might use our software:

Say you are a band operating a website to promote your music. Your customers join your mailing list for more information about upcoming releases or news about the band. But you can also use the list to market products and tour dates. How? Simply have the customers enter the city they live in when signing up, or send out an email to your existing list asking about location. If you want to collect information its best to offer your customers a benefit, like a leaked track or a hidden image gallery, all they need to do in order to access it is give you a little info about the city they live in. Once you get this info, you can segment your list to only people who live in a specific city or cities and send them updates about shows in their area.

Our Php mailing list software is also a great tool for managing your list. With it you can automatically set up emails to go out at a certain time, allowing you to setup monthly emails with tour dates, weekly updates on your time in the recording studio, or even new content immediately after it goes live. Just put the email in Email Marketing Software and set the date, it's sent automatically so you don't have to remember to send it out.

These are just a few of the many ways you might be able to use Omnistar Email Marketing Software.

Learn what your customers want:

Omnistar Email Marketing Software's ability to receive data on your customers from the very emails it sends out gives you the ability to discover exactly what they are getting out of your products and how best you can serve them in the future. You can send them an html email that allows them to input answers to whatever questions you ask, and all these responses are stored in the data Email Marketing Software keeps for each email address. You can then see statistics on what your customers prefer, and target specific offers to specific groups of customers. Its all easy to do with Omnistar Email Marketing Software, and once you buy it, you can use the Php mailing list software for life, you don't have to worry about ongoing fees.

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I checked out dozens of other mailing programs, and Omnistar was by far the best buy for the money. It s really easy to integrate into existing sites!

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