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Omnistar Mailer Resource Center

Welcome to the Omnistar Mailer Resource center. You will find a range of articles and white papers that will help you to grow your business. Our Omnistar Mailer Company Blog also has articles to help you maximize your email marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Resources
» Omnistar Mailer Company Blog » Email Marketing Glossary
» Email Marketing Beginner's Guide » Keeping List Members Interested
» Best Day of the Week to Send Marketing Email » How Often You Should Email Your List
» How to Avoid Being Marked as Spam » How to Increase Your Click Thru-Rate
» Email Marketing Split Testing » Know your clients using Split Testing
» HTML Vs Plain Newsletters » Why should I do email marketing
» Start Your Career in Email Marketing » Email Marketing For a New Business


Solution Center
I want to save money and not pay any monthly fees to send my email campaigns.
I want to automate bounce handling, un-subscribing and link tracking.
I want to build relationships with my customers with personalized emails.
I want to use software that does not require technical experience.
I want to realize the full potential of "Split Testing".
I want to know my clients better by implementing split testing.
More Resources Available at our Email Marketing Software Blog.