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Omnistar Email Marketing Software Benefits

Omnistar Email Marketing Software is a powerful easy to use all in one email marketing software. Take a look at a list of benefits to see why so many businesses are growing using our software.
  • No Monthly Fees. Ever.
    Once you buy our software you do not have to pay monthly fees. Other provides will charge you according to the number of subscribers, however with our software you only pay a one time fee and use it forever.

  • Market More Efficiently By Tracking Leads
    You will be able to view all the activity for your marketing leads. You will be able to view the campaigns they were sent and if they read the email. Also, you will be able to view the links the lead has clicked on and how many times they have clicked on the link.

  • Build Trust with Subscribers and Prospects
    You can build trust with your client and prospective clients by sending them information they want to receive and establishing your company as an authority.

  • Increase Revenue and Improve Sales
    The most important step in the buying process is building trust with your prospective users. You can integrate our software into your site and then start a regular communication with your prospective clients.

  • Have Unlimited Subscribes and Lists
    Since our software allows for unlimited email subscribes and list, you can grow your business and not have to worry about paying additional for your email marketing.

  • Create Additional Revenue
    You can private label our software and resell it as your own and charge your clients a monthly fee. When you install the software once, you can create additional users from your administrator interface. Each user will have their own environment and only see their email list.

  • Receive Increased Email Deliverability
    We have a number of tools to help increase email deliverability. One of the tools will check your email for spam. Also, we have a tool that will let you preview your email in different email clients.

  • Receive Detail Reporting and campaign Analysis
    You can receive detail statistics including: number of bounce emails, unique recipients, number of times you email was read, who read your email, who did not read your email, the number of clicks, which subscriber clicked on your email , which subscriber read your email and so much more.

  • Automate Your Email Marketing
    Once a subscriber is added to a email list, you can schedule a series of automated follow up emails. Also, our software also lets you create triggers based on a user reading your email or clicking on links within your email. Therefore, if a user clicks on a link within your email, you can automatically forward them another email and optionally move them to a new email list.

  • Keep Your Email List Clean
    Our software has tools to help you to be able to manage duplicate list and also manage your bounced emails.

Learn More About Omnistar Email Marketing Software

To see our software in action, try the online demo. You can also watch videos about the powerful features of Omnistar.