web based email marketing
web based email marketing
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Increase Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is one of the most important factors in running a successful email marketing campaign. Essentially email deliverability is the ability of your email to actually reach your customers inboxes and be viewed by them when they open the email. This is half of the email equation, if you discount building your email list and segmenting it, the other half being your click thru rate. While developing your click thru rate is important, a high percentage isn't any good if you aren't getting your email into enough inboxes. Deliverability ensures that your email makes it to the inbox, after you have that secured, you can worry about getting your email opened or clicked thru.

One Click Spam Check

Omnistar Email Marketing Software includes a convenient tool that scans a database of spam rules and keywords. If any of the words or word combinations are flagged, it will show you in a graphical interface what you need to change. Each keyword and rule is ranked, telling you how high it is weighted for spam, letting you know if a keyword is a minor issue and not worth changing, or if it is going to greatly increase the likelihood of your email being considered spam.

Preview Email Before Sending

Omnistar Email Marketing Software also includes a great feature that is intended to improve the quality of received email. Different email applications render HTML differently, some have special rules, and that means your email might look different from one application to another. While this isn't generally a catastrophic problem, occasionally the way an engine renders your HTML page will make it unreadable. Our system includes the ability to easily preview how your email will look in a number of popular email browsers. This means you will see any problems before your email goes out, giving you time to fix them.

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