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Watch videos highlighting the software in action. You will learn how Omnistar can increase profits and help you stay in contact with your clients.


  • Watch the video tour (4:04)
  • Omnistar Mailer Introduction Video. Watch this video to get an overview of the powerful features of Omnistar Mailer.

  • Watch the video tour (2:40)
  • Getting Started with Omnistar Mailer. Learn how to get your email marketing program up and running with Omnistar Mailer.

  • Watch the video tour (1:01)
  • Rebrand Our Software and Profit. You can easily rebrand our software and sell it as your own and charge a monthly residual fee.

  • Watch the video tour (2:05)
  • Give Each User His Own Environment. You can easily set up multiple users and every user will have his own environment.

  • Watch the video tour (2:14)
  • Automate Your Email Marketing With Autoresponder. You can now create a series of emails that will be sent to your subscribers automatically without you doing anything.

  • Watch the video tour (2:30)
  • Analyze Advanced Reports and Increase Revenue. By analyzing your email marketing and understanding who is reading your emails and who is clicking on what link, you can increase your revunue by targeting your message and marketing to the right subscribers.

  • Watch the video tour (:58)
  • Personalize Your Email Campaigns. If you personalize your email campaigns you will receive more views.

  • Watch the video tour (1:16)
  • Target Your Subscribers and Profit. If you segment your subscribers you will receive more clicks. You can easily target subscribers with Omnistar.

  • Watch the video tour (1:41)
  • Check Your Emails for Spam Before Sending. You can now check your emails for spam before you send them with our spam checker tool.

  • Watch the video tour (1:27)
  • Preview Your Emails Before Sending. You can now preview your emails in multiple email clients before sending them.

  • Watch the video tour (1:49)
  • Automate Moving Emails To New Lists. You can now automatically move subscribes to a new list after they become your customers.

  • Watch the video tour (2:06)
  • Split Test Your Campaigns to Increase Clickthrough Rate. If you split test your campaigns you can find the best campaign and increase clickthrough rates. Not only does our software split test your campaigns, but you can send a split test to a percentage of your list and then have the software automatically wait a specified amount of time and decide the best campaign and then send to the rest of the list.

  • Watch the video tour (1:43)
  • Automate Your Email with Email Triggers. You can now automate your email marketing with triggers and have the software automatically send to subscribers based on emails they have viewed or links they have clicked on.

  • Watch the video tour (1:08)
  • Use Powerful HTML Editor to Build Your Campaigns. Our email marketing software includes a powerful HTML editor that you can use to build your campaigns.

  • Watch the video tour (1:46)
  • Easily Move Up Your Current Lists. Our software has an easy-to-use import wizard to help you move up your current lists.

  • Watch the video tour (1:12)
  • Track Each Subscriber's Views and Clicks. Now you will be able to see what email campaigns and what links your subscribers have viewed or clicked, on an indiviudal basis. By having this information, you will be able to better market to your subscribers.

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I checked out dozens of other mailing programs, and Omnistar was by far the best buy for the money. It s really easy to integrate into existing sites!

Tim Sigler

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