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Why should I do email marketing

Many businesses take recourse to email marketing as it works well and has proven results. You may wonder why should I do email marketing but be assured that statistics have proved that email marketing has performed better than print catalogs and other channels of direct marketing. According to a survey done in March 2009, by Forbes Media, email marketing lists second after SEO to generate conversions successfully.

Email is a useful tool in marketing and better than more advanced technology such as social media or blogging. The Gallup News Service polled in 2007 February revealed that nearly 261 million Americans took to reading emails which is much more than the estimated 57 million who read blogs. Email is thus relevant, powerful and an effective tool for marketing on the internet and the reason why one should take email marketing seriously.

In case you are worried why I should do email marketing, then the reply would be because it works for many categories of sales. The reasons are many; firstly email marketing can target a specific audience and build loyalty and a trustworthy relationship with the target audience. Email marketing is effective as it is driven by data and allows sales through different channels.

Email marketing supports segmentation, integration of database and uses modern techniques to improve the target of the outgoing mails. Besides the actionable data produced is almost immediate and immense in the form of downloads, registrations, sales and inquiries. Why I should do email marketing is because email marketing is also effective in directing people to events and stores which may not necessarily be online. They also create awareness by providing the relevant information, encourage a trustworthy relationship and strengthen the brand image of a product.

Email marketing makes use of the email, sent to a public venue, a potential customer or the regular customer, for all marketing communications. So if you are wondering why I should do email marketing it is because it can be a great tool for marketing. You can use email marketing to provide useful information and regular news that would benefit the readers. You can also get valuable feedback from the readers which could help you to plug the loopholes and improve your services. It is a great way to inform the readers of the attractive offers available on the different products and services.

Other reasons for why I should do email marketing is that by email forwarding you can reach out to potential customers and new readers. Besides it can be an easy way to, keep customers who are not so regular, updated with important news or information.

Why I should do email marketing is because it is workable but in order to make it a success it is essential to have basics in place. These include creating good mailing list having clients who would be interested to get the necessary information. Creating good content is another prerequisite so that the purpose of the message is served. Lastly ensure that the recipients for whom the emails are targeted receive them.

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