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Keeping Email List Members Interested

Once you have a mailing list up and running, and start to experience success, your job isn't done. Having a mailing list to advertise gives you some great advantages, but you have to keep your subscribers interested in your content, otherwise you won't be able to capitalize on your success. This issue can often be discouraging, but you don't have to worry, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your list reading. The key is to offer your list an incentive, something they can earn by staying active, but something which doesn't offset the financial benefit of running your list.

One of the most common and reliable methods for developing your list is to offer competitions that are exclusive to your email list. Include the words special or exclusive offer in your email title to catch the recipient's attention, this will also improve your open rate. Your contest should involve clicking on a link and entering some information, or could involve some sort of game. Using games for advertising has been used online by such diverse groups as the software bundle MacHeist, the band Nine Inch Nails, and the ad companies hired to promote The Dark Knight. By laying out a fun puzzle you can generate further advertising benefits by getting your recipients to forward the email, also known as viral advertising. The prize for these contests should be something small that does not lead to a decrease in revenue, such as leaked pictures of a new product, a demo, a nominal discount that doesn't greatly affect your profit margin, or even access to a free application. Whatever the prize, people will go out of their way for free content or a discount, especially if you hype it properly. Make the crux of your email the reward, and if you want to have more information go out, send a secondary mailing, its likely going to be more successful when sent out second.

Another great method is to include a weekly or monthly special discount code in the email. You can also include event reminders for both online and offline activities. Both of these options seek to draw the users attention to the specific email, not getting the user to visit your site the way contests do. This means if you are offering a discount or the ability to visit a special event, you should include it in a promotional email that advertises specific content or products to your customers. By combining advertising copy and gimmicks to give your customers a prize for reading your ads you greatly increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

Another great way to get subscribers reading is to ask them exactly what they want out of your emails. This method can sometimes result in a large number of responses, so it may not be practical to use all of this information. Still, if you send out an email asking customers for some topics they are interested in, or other products they wish you to review, or even things they want you to fix about your website or emails, you seem like you are interested in their needs, which increases the relationship between you and your customers. Create a form on your site that you link to and you will be gathering useful information from your customers. If you get too many responses to read through, select a few examples, find some tips you like, and actually implement them. Then include information about the tips you did implement and who told you about them in your next email. This method makes it seem like you not only want to meet your customers needs, but you also want them to know you care enough to implement their ideas. Send out one of these emails once a month or every couple months. Your emails will improve because you will be better able to target them at your customers, and your customers will know you care about their opinions.

In the end, gimmicks will only get you so far, but they will greatly help retain an audience of active readers. Once you have tried these methods, you will notice which works best with your particular list. Don't forget your fundamentals either, focus on providing a clean, attractive design for your emails, keep your content professional sounding and well written, and don't overuse your list, this annoys recipients. If you follow these tips, you can keep your list working for you long into the future.

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