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How to Increase Your Click-Thru Rate

Getting your email marketing recipients to open your emails is one thing, getting them to read and click-thru is a bit trickier. After you have achieved success with your open rate, it is time to focus on writing the kind of emails that actually get people to buy your products. The key is to match the content of your newsletter to the interests of your target demographic, if you aren't speaking your audience's language, you aren't going to be successful with your marketing.

Writing for a newsletter is a different type of writing from writing on your website. Instead of exposition, you want to get to your point early. Instead of long lists of features, you should focus on your best selling points. The whole idea of a newsletter is to get to the point quickly, get the person interested, and then to link them to the more in-depth content. You want your articles to be short, punchy, and compelling, know why you are writing, and put your best material at the top.

You should mix in your advertising links to your content. Include links to follow up articles after a brief article. If you are talking about product features, include a link to a more features link. If you are using an HTML template that allows you to have a sidebar, include links in your email's side bar that direct users to products, that way if someone is immediately interested in buying, they can quickly find the buy now link. You want to saturate your newsletter with links, but only if the links exist in the context of actual content. You can experiment with link placement, your readers will respond differently each time, so keep track of how well different strategies work. The text of your links is also quite important, invite the user to click, and provide a context for what they are clicking on. You can also try linking images, this works well, but requires your emails to be HTML.

Writing email copy doesn't have to be boring, it can be fun to write, because it is a somewhat informal format for advertising. Stay professional, but keep your writing light in tone. Offer special deals in your newsletter, advertise sales, focus on things that are very appealing, like saving money or getting access to extra features. Advertise great deals, but don't put anything inaccurate or misleading into the advertising, because bad business practices travel quickly on the internet, meaning you will be shooting yourself in the foot.

In the end, the details of what makes your ads good will vary between your audiences. You have to stay aware of the system that works well with your audience, and stick to it. Don't be afraid to experiment, email marketing only costs your time, so it is worth mixing things up from week to week in order to study how different tactics help your campaigns.

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